quinta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2012

verb to be - in the past tense



01- Complete as frases com was/were ou wasn't/weren't.

_you at the party last night?
- No, I sick.

The weather was great, but the hotel . It too far from the city.

Where Jack and Mike last night?
I think Jack was home, but Mike out.

The stores open yesterday because it was a holiday.

Last week we had lunch at the new restaurant. The service good, but the food was excellent.

- Who at the door? it Sarah?
- No, it Sarah, it her brother.

- Tammy and Joanna on time for the meeting this morning.
- Yes, that's because the traffic really awful.

Melissa's hair short last year. It's so long now!


There was / there wasn´t / was there...?

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