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VISIT- VISITED        RECORD- RECORDED       WATCH- WATCHED         WORK- WORKED      WANT-    WANTED     LOOK- LOOKED     SAVE-SAVED                         DANCE- DANCED             LIVE-   LIVED               DECIDE- DECIDED           STAY- STAYED      CREAT-CREAT                        PLAY- PLAYED                 WALK- WALKED         ENJOY-   ENJOYED                CRY-  CRIED           TRY-TRIED                        STUDY- STUDIED              STOP-  STOPPED           ARRIVE- ARRIVED


BE- WAS/WERE     DO- DID                  GO- WENT           BUY- BOUGHT           MAKE- MADE           KEEP- KEPT        HEAR- HEARD       FALL- FELL              HAVE- HAD         MEET- MET                 SAY- SAID                 SPEND- SPENT        TAKE- TOOK         WRITE- WROTE      SEE-    SAW         HURT- HURT               HAVE- HAD              WIN-     WON            EAT- ATE               LOSE- LOST             CUT-   CUT           SING- SANG                KNOW- KNEW        SWIM-   SWAM       GROW- GREW     DRINK- DRANK       COME-CAME      GIVE UP-GAVE UP      BEGIN-  BEGAN       MEET-  MET             RUN- RUN            BECOME- BECAME  

                                               Exceção to be                                 Regra para os demais verbos
PRESENT AFIRMATIVE-    Paul is a good boy                          My  friends make the cake.
PAST    AFIRMATIVE -      Paul was a good boy                      My friends made the cake.(observação)
PAST NEGATIVE----          Paul wasn’t a good boy                 My friends didn’t make the cake.
PAST INTERROG……         Was Paul a good boy?                   Did my friends make the cake?

01°)Choose the correct  answer : What ____you_____yesterday?
a)    do/do    b)does/do   c)did/does   d)did/do
02) The three verbs  DO—SEE---HAVE in the past are:
a)did/seed/haved   b)did/seeid/haved   c)did/saw/had  d)did/saved/haved

03)Rewrite the sentences in the required form:
a) He worked yesterday
b)They went to the club last Friday.
c)Mike didn’t study English yesterday.

05.Rewrite the sentences in the past.
a) You do everything correctly_________________________________________

b)She buy a new car.________________________________________________
c)Paul says everything about cars.____________________________________________________________

B,JADH\d) Jim doesn”t go  to the beath.______________________________________________________________
e)Mary has a pink car._________________________________________________

06)Supply the Simple past tense.
a)Timothy ____________________the heavy tables .(carry)
b)You ________________your exercice yesterday.(do, neg.)
c)She___________________the accident.( to see)
d)Kevin ________a delicious apple.(to eat)

WH- WORDS (pronomes interrogatives)
Who-quem   ////          What- o que///      Where- onde //           When- quando  

07)Complete with:who/what/when/Where.
a)___________did you go?To the movies.
b)________________did you go to the museum? On Monday morning.
c)______________did you find the watch? In front  of the school.
d)______________did you eat? I ate two apples.
e)_______________did you go? I went to the movies.
f)_______________did  she go to the  museum? She went to the museum on Monday morning.
g)______________did you buy? I bought a new car.
h)_______________did  buy a  big house in front of the ocean? Mary bought this house.

08. Read the sentences and choose the best item.
A) She is going back to Japan.
          (      ) noun                (      )preposition           (   )  pronoun

b)    So what happened?
  (    ) irregular verb     (    ) question words    (   )  regular verb

c)     I can believe it !
       (      )  noun                  (   ) adverb                    (      )  pronoun

d)     Too bad I lost a special dinner.
(     ) noun              (    ) adverb                         (    ) adjective

                                            Did  Dracula    really   exist?

          Yes and no. Drácula is a  book written By the Irish author, Bram (Abraham ) Stoker(1847-1912) who told the story of an evil count from Transylvania(now part of Romania). The nobleman could turn into a vampire bat. He  sucked people’blood by  biting them on their necks.
         Dracula was a figment of Stocker’s vvid imagination, but in the 1400s there was a cruel ruler of Transylvania known as Vlad the Impaler. He got this nickname because he had awful habits: he drove stakes through the bodies of his enemies and left them to die. No doubt Stoker had Vlad in mind when he wrote the book.

09. Put T(true)   or  F(false)  
a) Bram Stocker invented the name Dracula._____
b)Dracula didn’t have slaves.______
c)The book written by Bram is a fiction.________
d)Vlad the Impaler really lived six hundred  years ago._________

10. Retire do text
a)  Two irregular verbs________________, ______________________
b) two   regular verbs________________,_______________________
c)two prepositions__________,__________________
d) two objects pronouns__________,_____________
e)one adjective_____________

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